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Genome-wide analysis of mRNA transcriptomes in dendritic cell and exosome-treated dendritic cell

ABSTRACT: The present research aimed to demonstrate that pancreatic cancer related miRNAs can be transferred from exosome to dendritic cells and influence mRNA expression, inducing immune tolerance of dendritic cells .Immature dendritic cells were induced from peripheral blood monocytes and stimulated by exosomes collected from PANC-1 cell culture.Genome-wide mRNA chip were performed in iDC and exosome stimulated iDC to detect the change of mRNA expression level. Overall design: examination of 2 cells:Immature dendritic cell and exosome-treated dendritic cell

INSTRUMENT(S): Human genome-wide mRNA microarray

SUBMITTER: Liangjing Zhou  

PROVIDER: GSE67020 | GEO | 2015-03-20



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Pancreatic cancer-derived exosomes transfer miRNAs to dendritic cells and inhibit RFXAP expression via miR-212-3p.

Ding Guoping G   Zhou Liangjing L   Qian Yingming Y   Fu Mingnian M   Chen Jian J   Chen Jionghuang J   Xiang Jianyang J   Wu Zhengrong Z   Jiang Guixing G   Cao Liping L  

Oncotarget 20151001 30

It has been reported tumor-derived exosomes can transfer miRNAs to recipient cells in the tumor microenvironment, promoting tumor invasion and metastasis. The present research aimed to explore how pancreatic cancer (PC) derived exosomal miRNAs inhibited mRNA expression of dendritic cells and induced immune tolerance. Our study revealed that 9 PC-related miRNAs were increased and 208 mRNAs were inhibited in exosome-stimulated dendritic cells (exo-iDCs) compared to immature dendritic cells (iDCs).  ...[more]

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