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The effect of progerin expression on alternative splicing in keratinocytes of HGPS mice

ABSTRACT: Exon level expression analysis for the HGPS pathological aging study data set to analyze the effect of progerin expression on alternative splicing in keratinocytes of HGPS mice. Analysis of the effect of pathological aging (transgenic progerin expression) on alternative splicing (AS) using exon microarrays to interrogate the differential exon usage of the entire genome of HGPS mice (postnatal day 24 and 35) and their wild-type litter mates. Our results suggests that early expression of progerin impairs developmental splicing but that as progerin accumulates, the number of genes with AS increases, similar to what is observed in aging wild-type mice. This dataset is one of the 2 datasets in the overall study. An additional data set series is available with exon expression analysis of aging wild-type mice to analyze the effect of age on alternative splicing during physiological aging. The two datasets are linked together in the SuperSeries GSE67289. A link to the SuperSeries is available at the bottom of this page.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus

PROVIDER: GSE67288 | GEO | 2015/11/01



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