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GATA2 knockout study to investigated the role of GATA2 in human hematopoiesis

ABSTRACT: We generated homozygous GATA2 knockout human embryonic stem cells (GATA2-/- hESCs) and analyzed their blood differentiation potential. Paritcularly at the hemogenic endothelium (HE) stage and hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) stage. Our result revealed that GATA2-/- hESCs displayed attenuated generation of CD34+CD43+ HPCs, due to the impairment of endothelial to hematopoietic transition (EHT). However, GATA2-/- hESCs retained the potential to generate erythroblasts, macrophages, but never granulocytes. Through RNA-Seq and further rescue experiment, we further identified that SPI1 was responsible for the defect of GATA2-/- hESCs in generation of CD34+CD43+ HPCs and granulocytes. Overall design: We compared the transcriptome of GATA2-/- hESCs, HE, HPC and their wildtype counterparts by RNA-Seq.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina MiSeq (Homo sapiens)

SUBMITTER: qianyu chen  

PROVIDER: GSE69797 | GEO | 2017-02-09



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GATA2(-/-) human ESCs undergo attenuated endothelial to hematopoietic transition and thereafter granulocyte commitment.

Huang Ke K   Du Juan J   Ma Ning N   Liu Jiajun J   Wu Pengfei P   Dong Xiaoya X   Meng Minghui M   Wang Wenqian W   Chen Xin X   Shi Xi X   Chen Qianyu Q   Yang Zhongzhou Z   Chen Shubin S   Zhang Jian J   Li Yuhang Y   Li Wei W   Zheng Yi Y   Cai Jinglei J   Li Peng P   Sun Xiaofang X   Wang Jinyong J   Pei Duanqing D   Pan Guangjin G  

Cell regeneration (London, England) 20150805 1

BACKGROUND:Hematopoiesis is a progressive process collectively controlled by an elaborate network of transcription factors (TFs). Among these TFs, GATA2 has been implicated to be critical for regulating multiple steps of hematopoiesis in mouse models. However, whether similar function of GATA2 is conserved in human hematopoiesis, especially during early embryonic development stage, is largely unknown. RESULTS:To examine the role of GATA2 in human background, we generated homozygous GATA2 knockou  ...[more]

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