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Expression data of 8 rice accessions under cold stress in seedling stage

ABSTRACT: Low temperature is one of the major abiotic stresses limiting rice growth and productivity, it is urgent to reveal the genetic and molecular mechanisms of plant responses to low temperature stress and to search for useful genetic resources for improving low-temperature tolerance. the 8 accessions from China Core Collection include 4 cold tolerance accessions, 3 sensitivity accessions and 1 intermediate type accession. We used microarrays to detail variation of the gene expression after cold treatment and screen more cold-response genes in rice. Overall design: In order to getting more understanding of gene expression after cold treatment in rice seedling stage, we applied 8 accessions by cold stress screening in this Affymetrix microarrays, and each accession include 3 time-points samples: (1) before the cold treatment; (2) 6 hours after the cold treatment; (3) 24 hours after the cold treatment.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Rice] Affymetrix Rice Genome Array


PROVIDER: GSE71680 | GEO | 2015-10-01



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New insights into the genetic basis of natural chilling and cold shock tolerance in rice by genome-wide association analysis.

Lv Yan Y   Guo Zilong Z   Li Xiaokai X   Ye Haiyan H   Li Xianghua X   Xiong Lizhong L  

Plant, cell & environment 20151114 3

In order to understand cold adaptability and explore additional genetic resources for the cold tolerance improvement of rice, we investigated the genetic variation of 529 rice accessions under natural chilling and cold shock stress conditions at the seedling stage using genome-wide association studies; a total of 132 loci were identified. Among them, 12 loci were common for both chilling and cold shock tolerance, suggesting that rice has a distinct and overlapping genetic response and adaptation  ...[more]

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