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CodY of Streptococcus pneumoniae: link between nutritional gene regulation and virulence

ABSTRACT: CodY is a nutritional regulator mainly involved in amino acid metabolism. It has been extensively studied in Bacillis subtilis and Lactococcus lactis. We investigated the role of CodY in gene regulation and virulence of the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae. We constructed a codY-mutant and examined the effect on gene and protein expression by microarray and 2D DIGE analysis. The pneumococcal CodY-regulon was found to consist predominantly of genes involved in amino acid metabolism, but also several other cellular processes, such as carbon metabolism and iron uptake. By means of electrophoretic mobility shift assays and DNA footprinting, we showed that most targets identified are under direct control of CodY. By mutating DNA predicted to represent the CodY-box based on the L. lactis consensus, we demonstrated that this sequence is indeed required for in vitro DNA-binding to target promoters. Similar to L. lactis, DNA-binding of CodY was enhanced in the presence of the branched chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine, and not by GTP. We observed in experimental mouse models that CodY is transcribed in the murine nasopharynx and lungs, and is specifically required for colonization. This finding was underscored by the diminished ability of the codY-mutant to adhere to nasopharyngeal cells in vitro. In conclusion, pneumococcal CodY predominantly regulates genes involved in amino acid metabolism and contributes to the early stages of infection, i.e. colonization of the nasopharynx. Keywords: codY Overall design: CodY of Streptococcus pneumoniae: link between nutritional gene regulation and virulence

INSTRUMENT(S): Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 v6 codY

SUBMITTER: Anne de Jong  

PROVIDER: GSE7350 | GEO | 2007-11-20



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