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Gene expression in normal tissues detected by newly developed chicken 44K microarray

ABSTRACT: Chicken 60-mer oligonucleotide microarray, including 39854 cDNA and ESTs, entire Marek’s disease virus and avian influenza virus genomes, and 150 chicken microRNAs, was developed. Cecal tonsil, ileum, liver and spleen from 6 chickens were selected for hybridization to validate the microarray performance. There are 2886, 2886, 2660, 358, 3208 3355, and 3710 genes significantly expressed between liver and spleen, spleen and cecal tonsil, cecal tonsil and ileum, liver and cecal tonsil, liver and ileum, spleen and ileum at the P<10-7. Number of tissue specific genes for cecal tonsil, ileum, liver and spleen was 95, 71, 535, and 108, respectively with p < 10-7. More than 95% of spots had high SNR (>10). Keywords: characteristics of newly developed microarray using different normal tissue Overall design: Loop design was carried on for all of tissue samples from the six chickens. Samples of four tissues from a chicken were used in each loop. The order of the tissues in each loop was changed so that all pairs of tissues were combined on an array with an equal number of times. Dye swap was used so that each tissue was measured an equal number of times with each dye. Data from 12 measurements for each tissue were collected, in total, 48 measurements from 24 arrays.

INSTRUMENT(S): Chicken 44K custom Agilent microarray

ORGANISM(S): Gallus Gallus

SUBMITTER: Huaijun Zhou 

PROVIDER: GSE7452 | GEO | 2008-02-29



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