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GH inj old liver (1-7)

ABSTRACT: effect of hGH injections in old male rat livers Keywords: repeat sample

INSTRUMENT(S): 6240 rat cDNA array

SUBMITTER: Petra Elisabeth Tollet-Egnell  

PROVIDER: GSE791 | GEO | 2004-01-02



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Gene expression profile of the aging process in rat liver: normalizing effects of growth hormone replacement.

Tollet-Egnell P   Flores-Morales A   Ståhlberg N   Malek RL   Lee N   Norstedt G  

Molecular endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.) 20010201 2

The mechanisms that control life span and age-related phenotypes are not well understood. It has been suggested that aging or at least some of its symptoms are related to a physiological decline in GH levels with age. To test this hypothesis, and to improve our understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind the aging process, we have analyzed age-induced changes in gene expression patterns through the application of DNA chip technology. In the present study, the aging process was  ...[more]

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