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Somatic PRDM2 c.4459delA mutations in colorectal cancers control histone methylation and tumor growth

ABSTRACT: Purpose: To identify the contribution of PRDM2 c.4459delA mutation to colorectal tumorigenesis Methods: We employed rAAV-mediated genome editing to correct somatic PRDM2 c.4459delA mutation in homozygously mutated cell line. Using next-generation sequencing we have compared transcriptional profile of parental and PRDM2-corrected cells. Results: RNA-seq profiling revealed that several hallmark cancer gene sets are affected by PRDM2 c.4459delA Overall design: To address if the PRDM2 wt cells were transcriptionally different at a global level compared to their parental cells that carry PRDM2 c.4459delA mutation, we performed RNA-sequencing of parental cells and three independently generated clones with corrected PRDM2. RNA-seq profile was generated for cells grown under normal culture conditions (10% FBS) as well as reduced serum conditions (0.5% FBS).

INSTRUMENT(S): Ion Torrent Proton (Homo sapiens)


PROVIDER: GSE80033 | GEO | 2018-02-22


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The chromatin modifier PRDM2/RIZ1 is inactivated by mutation in several forms of cancer and is a putative tumor suppressor gene. Frameshift mutations in the C-terminal region of PRDM2, affecting (A)8 or (A)9 repeats within exon 8, are found in one third of colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability, but the contribution of these mutations to colorectal tumorigenesis is unknown. To model somatic mutations in microsatellite unstable tumors, we devised a general approach to perform genome e  ...[more]

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