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NF-kB target genes in dendritic cells

ABSTRACT: The ability of dendritic cells (DC) to initiate immunity and induce antigen-specific tolerance makes DC ideal targets for pharmacological intervention into immune responses. NF-kB factors are a family of transcriptional regulators important for DC development and function. However, the identity of NF-kB target genes that are central to DC biology is largely unknown. In the present study IkBa super repressor (IkBa-SR) and DNA microarray analysis were used to determine the repertoire of NF-kB responsive genes in DC. In DC these genes regulate vital DC functions of antigen uptake and presentation, motility, survival, etc. Taking in account limitations of the genome-wide microarray analysis, generated transcription factor data were confirmed by the independent means of RT-PCR and chromatin immunoprecipitation. Kinetics of NF-kB induction by well-known DC activatory agents TNFa and LPS were further analysed. NF-kB regulated genes can be potentially useful targets for the development of more specific anti-inflammatory agents for clinical applications. Keywords: drug treatment, adenovirus transduction Overall design: DC were generated in vitro from bone marrow of CAR transgenic mice as described previously (Hieronymus, T., T. C. Gust, R. D. Kirsch, T. Jorgas, G. Blendinger, M. Goncharenko, K. Supplitt, S. Rose-John, A. M. Muller, and M. Zenke. 2005. Progressive and controlled development of mouse dendritic cells from Flt3+CD11b+ progenitors in vitro. J Immunol 174:2552-2562). Immature DC were transduced with AdIkBa-SR adenovirus, AdOVA control virus, or left untreated. Cells were then stimulated with TNFa, or left unstimulated. Total RNA was amplified, labelled and hybridised to Affymetrix MOE430A arrays. TNFa up- and down-regulated genes, as well as genes regulated by AdOVA control virus, and suppressed by AdIkBa-SR were analysed.

INSTRUMENT(S): [MOE430A] Affymetrix Mouse Expression 430A Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Mykola Goncharenko  




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