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Prognosis of Stage III Colorectal Carcinomas with FOLFOX Adjuvant Chemotherapy can be Predicted by Molecular Subtype

ABSTRACT: Comparison the mRNA expression profiles of 101 CRC tissues to those from matched 35 non-neoplastic colon mucosal tissues from patients with stage III CRCs treated with FOLFOX adjuvant chemotherapy in each molecular subtype. Gene expression–based subtyping is widely accepted as a relevant source of disease stratification. Results provide important information of molecular marker genes for molecular classification. Overall design: Total RNA obtained from isolated 101 colorectal cancer tissues and theose from matched 35 non-neoplastic colon mucosal tissues.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HumanHT-12 V4.0 expression beadchip

SUBMITTER: minhee park 

PROVIDER: GSE83889 | GEO | 2017-05-31



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Prognosis of stage III colorectal carcinomas with FOLFOX adjuvant chemotherapy can be predicted by molecular subtype.

Kwon Yujin Y   Park Minhee M   Jang Mi M   Yun Seongju S   Kim Won Kyu WK   Kim Sora S   Paik Soonmyung S   Lee Hyun Jung HJ   Hong Sungpil S   Kim Tae Il TI   Min Byungsoh B   Kim Hoguen H  

Oncotarget 20170601 24

Individualizing adjuvant chemotherapy is important in patients with advanced colorectal cancers (CRCs), and the ability to identify molecular subtypes predictive of good prognosis for stage III CRCs after adjuvant chemotherapy could be highly beneficial. We performed microarray-based gene expression analysis on 101 fresh-frozen primary samples from patients with stage III CRCs treated with FOLFOX adjuvant chemotherapy and 35 matched non-neoplastic mucosal tissues. CRC samples were classified int  ...[more]

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