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Array-CGH for cell lines derived from paired primary and metastatic tumor

ABSTRACT: Characterization of DNA copy number changes in cell line derived from patient using DNA microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization method. Our study identified genomic alterations between primary and metastatic tumor within a single individual Overall design: Two samples: HN137 metastatic cell line and HN137 primary cell line. One replicate per sample. Reference sample: HN137 blood

INSTRUMENT(S): Genotypic_Human_Hg19_CGH_2x400K_Array_068045

SUBMITTER: Shumei Chia  

PROVIDER: GSE84674 | GEO | 2017-07-21



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Genomics-driven cancer therapeutics has gained prominence in personalized cancer treatment. However, its utility in indications lacking biomarker-driven treatment strategies remains limited. Here we present a "phenotype-driven precision-oncology" approach, based on the notion that biological response to perturbations, chemical or genetic, in ex vivo patient-individualized models can serve as predictive biomarkers for therapeutic response in the clinic. We generated a library of "screenable" pati  ...[more]

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