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A multi-scale model for hair follicle reveals heterogeneous skin domains drive rapid spatiotemporal hair growth patterning

ABSTRACT: We report transcriptomes of whole skin from different anatomic regions, dorsum, ventrum, chin and ear pinna, as well as ear cartilage/muscle complex at different post-natal time points. Whole tissue was microdissected from wild type mice. Overall design: Examination of miscrodissected whole skin from dorsum, ventrum and chin at six consecutive time points of the hair cycle, and comparison of ear pinna telogen skin vs. ear cartilage/muscle complex vs. dorsal telogen skin. Sample definition: CCT Chin skin, Competent telogen CEA Chin skin, Early anagen CMA Chin skin, Mid-anagen CLA Chin skin, Late anagen CC Chin skin, Catagen CRT Chin skin, Refractory telogen VCT Ventral skin, Competent telogen VEA Ventral skin, Early anagen VMA Ventral skin, Mid-anagen VLA Ventral skin, Late anagen VC Ventral skin, Catagen VRT Ventral skin, Refractory telogen DCT Dorsal skin, Competent telogen DEA Dorsal skin, Early anagen DMA Dorsal skin, Mid-anagen DLA Dorsal skin, Late anagen DC Dorsal skin, Catagen DRT Dorsal skin, Refractory telogen ERST Ear skin, Telogen LC Ear cartilage/muscle complex

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina NextSeq 500 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Maksim V Plikus  

PROVIDER: GSE85039 | GEO | 2017-06-30



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The control principles behind robust cyclic regeneration of hair follicles (HFs) remain unclear. Using multi-scale modeling, we show that coupling inhibitors and activators with physical growth of HFs is sufficient to drive periodicity and excitability of hair regeneration. Model simulations and experimental data reveal that mouse skin behaves as a heterogeneous regenerative field, composed of anatomical domains where HFs have distinct cycling dynamics. Interactions between fast-cycling chin and  ...[more]

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