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Analyses of lncRNA profiling during the development from pre-receptive to receptive phases in goat endometrium

ABSTRACT: In the present study, RNA-seq technique was used to compare the expression profiles of lncRNAs from goat endometrium samples at gestational day 5 (pre-receptive endometrium, PE) and day 15 (receptive endometrium, RE). This yielded 18 gigabases (Gb) of sequence, representing approximately seven times the size of the genome (2.66 Gb). A total of 120 million raw reads were produced from the Illumina HiSeq 2500 platform. After discarding adaptor sequences and low-quality sequences, 90 to 97 million clear reads per sample were obtained, and the percentage of clean reads among raw tags in each library ranged from 75.79–81.03 %. A total of 668 lncRNAs were found to differ significantly in terms of expressional levels (P< 0.05) between the PE and RE libraries,98.35% of the DELs were mapped to “u” (Unknown, intergenic transcript).Our results included 76,844 lncRNAs that corresponded to 42,933 protein-coding genes within a range of 1-100 kb. It deserved to note that 783 target genes of the 200 DELs that were annotated to 153 GO terms meeting our designated criteria of P-values< 0.05, KEGG pathway annotation showed 242 target genes of the DELs were annotated for 146 KEGG pathways. Overall design: A total of 20 healthy 24-month-old multiparous dairy goats (Xinong Saanen) were induced to estrous synchronization for this study. The first day of mating was considered to be Day 0 of pregnancy. Gestational days 5 and 15 were important time points for the embryo implantation in goats. The experimental goats were observed 3 times daily to ascertained estrous sign and mated naturally twice in estrus. And then the goats were euthanized when the goats lost consciousness caused by intravenous injection of barbiturate (30mg/kg) at gestational day 5 (pre-receptive endometrium) and gestational day 15 (receptive endometrium). Endometrium samples from 10 goats at gestational day 5 and 10 goats at gestational day 15 were obtained from the anterior wall of the uterine cavity.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Capra hircus)

ORGANISM(S): Capra hircus  

SUBMITTER: Lei Zhang  

PROVIDER: GSE86816 | GEO | 2019-09-10


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