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Mouse Pancreatic Islet Maturation Time Series

ABSTRACT: Beta cells are the sole source of insulin in our body, yet we do not understand how they mature into fully functional, glucose-responsive beta cells. We generated transcriptomes of FACS-purified beta cells using the Ins1-H2b-mCherry reporter line (Jax # 028589) at different peri- and postnatal maturation stages. This enables a systematic comparison across thousands of genes as beta cells mature. Overall design: Breeders homozygous for Ins1-H2b-mCherry (Jax #028589) were crossed to wild type C57bl6 mates to ensure offspring were uniformly hemizygous for the mCherry reporter. Islets from single litters (a mix of male and female is expected) were pooled for each sample to obtain sufficient material. Pooled islets were dissociated, sorted and collect in Trizol for RNA isolation and library construction. Each time point was collected in the morning and FACS-sorted at the conclusion of the islet prep the same day. Each time point was done in duplicate or triplicate.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Mark O. Huising  

PROVIDER: GSE88779 | GEO | 2017-04-04



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Postnatal maintenance or regeneration of pancreatic beta cells is considered to occur exclusively via the replication of existing beta cells, but clinically meaningful restoration of human beta cell mass by proliferation has never been achieved. We discovered a population of immature beta cells that is present throughout life and forms from non-beta precursors at a specialized micro-environment or "neogenic niche" at the islet periphery. These cells express insulin, but lack other key beta cell  ...[more]

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