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Expression profiles of genes central to tumour metastasis in human triple-negative breast cancer cells

ABSTRACT: Immortalized human breast cancer cell lines, MDA-MB-231(ATCC® HTB-26™) and MDA-MB-468(ATCC® HTB-132™), were analyzed via RT-qPCR for transcript expression of several classes of protein factors including cell adhesion, ECM components, cell cycle, cell growth and proliferation, apoptosis, transcription factors and regulators and other genes related to tumor metastasis. Overall design: Human donor monocyte-derived macrophages(MDMs), MDA-MB-231(ATCC® HTB-26™) and MDA-MB-468(ATCC® HTB-132™) were maintained in the respective medium, and MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-468 were stimulated with the conditioned mediums generated from MDMs polarised by MDA-MB-231 or MDA-MB-468 cell conditioned medium for 24 hours. Toal RNAs were extracted and expression profiles were generated for each sample by RT² Profiler™ PCR Arrays(Qiagen/SA Biosciences).

INSTRUMENT(S): Human Tumor Metastasis PCR Array

SUBMITTER: Zhichao Ai  

PROVIDER: GSE92941 | GEO | 2016-12-28



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