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Confluent versus Sub-confluent HUVEC

ABSTRACT: HUVEC (N=3 isolates) were separately grown to sub-confluency, and to confluency. In order to study the effects of growth and contact inhibition on the transcriptome, the microarray gene expression profiles of these sub-confluent and confluent HUVEC were compared. Keywords: HUVEC, confluency, contact inhibition Overall design: N=3 biological replicates, separately grown to sub-confluency, and concluency, respectively. Total RNA molecules were then isolated, and linearly amplified (1 round) according to the Eberwine method. After labeling the amplified cRNA molecules of these 6 samples (N=3 sub-confluent, N=3 confluent) with Cy5 Dyes, these were separately hybridized against Cy3-labeled common reference RNA molecules on glass-based 19K oligonucleotide microarray chips.

INSTRUMENT(S): AMC-MAD Homo sapiens 19k ver 1.0

SUBMITTER: Oscar Leonard Volger  

PROVIDER: GSE9334 | GEO | 2007-12-01



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SOX-18 controls endothelial-specific claudin-5 gene expression and barrier function.

Fontijn Ruud D RD   Volger Oscar L OL   Fledderus Joost O JO   Reijerkerk Arie A   de Vries Helga E HE   Horrevoets Anton J G AJ  

American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology 20071207 2

Members of the claudin family constitute tight junction strands and are major determinants in specificity and selectivity of paracellular barriers. Transcriptional control of claudin gene expression is essential to establish individual claudin expression patterns and barrier properties. Using full genome expression profiling, we now identify sex-determining region Y-box (SOX)-18, a member of the SOX family of high-mobility group box transcription factors, as one of the most differentially induce  ...[more]

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