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Characterizing seed weight related genes through transcriptome analyses of wild and cultivated soybeans

ABSTRACT: Cultivated soybean has domesticated in China for a long history, and there are several significant phenotypic differences between wild and cultivated soybeans. Seed of cultivar is generally larger than wild soybean, therefore here we comprehensively analyzed transcriptomes of thirteen soybean accessions seeds including seven wild soybeans and six landraces through applying strand-specific RNA sequencing. Differential expressed genes related seed weight were identified, some of them were known to be associated with seed development in Arabidopsis. Noncoding RNAs are known to play important roles in plant development, and we profiled the expression pattern of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) in cultivated and wild soybean seeds. We have identified 1,251 long intergenic noncoding RNA, 243 intronic RNA and 81 antisense lncRNA, transcriptional levels of a number of lncRNAs were significantly different between cultivated and wild soybeans, suggesting that lncRNA may be involved in soybean seed development. Overall design: High-depth paired-end RNA-seq from wild and cultivated soybeans

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Glycine max)

SUBMITTER: Dong Wang  

PROVIDER: GSE94366 | GEO | 2017-06-13



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Seed weight differences between wild and domesticated soybeans are associated with specific changes in gene expression.

Yu Chao C   Qu Zhipeng Z   Zhang Yueting Y   Zhang Xifeng X   Lan Tingting T   Adelson David L DL   Wang Dong D   Zhu Youlin Y  

Plant cell reports 20170626 9

KEY MESSAGE:Our study systematically explored potential genes and molecular pathways as candidates for differences in seed weight resulting from soybean domestication. In addition, potential contributions of lncRNAs to seed weight were also investigated. Soybeans have a long history of domestication in China, and there are several significant phenotypic differences between cultivated and wild soybeans, for example, seeds of cultivars are generally larger and heavier than those from wild accessio  ...[more]

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