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Arabidopsis thaliana open flowers: Wild type vs. sdg4 mutant (SALK T-DNA line_128444)

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling in open flowers of Arabidopsis wild type control plants and sdg4 mutant (SALK T-DNA line_128444). The sdg4 mutant is a Arabidopsis T-DNA mutant in which T-DNA is inserted in a SET domain protein, SDG4 (At4g30860). Expression profiling studies indicate that SDG4 might function in modulating the expression of the genes that function in the growth of pollen tubes. Keywords: epigenetic modification Overall design: Two-condition experiment, open flowers of wild type control vs. open flowers of sdg4 mutant (SALK T-DNA line_128444). Two biological replicates: 2 control, 2 mutant, independently grown and harvested. One replicate per array.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-015059 Arabidopsis 3 Oligo Microarray 4x44K G2519F (Feature Number version)

SUBMITTER: Motoaki Seki  

PROVIDER: GSE9543 | GEO | 2008-10-27



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The Arabidopsis SDG4 contributes to the regulation of pollen tube growth by methylation of histone H3 lysines 4 and 36 in mature pollen.

Cartagena Joyce A JA   Matsunaga Sachihiro S   Seki Motoaki M   Kurihara Daisuke D   Yokoyama Masami M   Shinozaki Kazuo K   Fujimoto Satoru S   Azumi Yoshitaka Y   Uchiyama Susumu S   Fukui Kiichi K  

Developmental biology 20080205 2

Plant SET domain proteins are known to be involved in the epigenetic control of gene expression during plant development. Here, we report that the Arabidopsis SET domain protein, SDG4, contributes to the epigenetic regulation of pollen tube growth, thus affecting fertilization. Using an SDG4-GFP fusion construct, the chromosomal localization of SDG4 was established in tobacco BY-2 cells. In Arabidopsis, sdg4 knockout showed reproductive defects. Tissue-specific expression analyses indicated that  ...[more]

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