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A transcriptional program for arbuscule degeneration during AM symbiosis is regulated by MYB1

ABSTRACT: The array experiment compares gene expression in roots of Medicago truncatula A17 and Medicago truncatula mutant mtpt4-1 colonized with Gigaspora gigantea. This experiment enabled the identification of a plant transcriptional program associated with arbuscule degeneration. The experiment and data are described in Floss et al., Current Biology (in revision). Overall design: The experiment compares three independent biological replicate samples of A17 colonized with Gigaspora gigantea with three independent biological replicate samples of mtpt4-1 colonized with Gigaspora gigantea harvested 18 day post planting into inoculated substrate. This translates to approx. 11 days post contact with the spores. Colonized regions of the roots were identified based on the natural autofluorescence of Gigaspora gigantea and colonized regions were selected for RNA extraction.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Medicago] Affymetrix Medicago Genome Array

SUBMITTER: Maria J. Harrison  

PROVIDER: GSE95545 | GEO | 2017-04-07



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