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Comparative proteomic analysis of human liver tissue and isolated hepatocytes with a focus on proteins determining drug exposure

ABSTRACT: Data from ProteomeXchange, PXD ID: PXD002235. Experiment: HEPA_1, file: 20110804_VELOS3_JRW_SA_HEPA_C1.mzml. From ProteomeXchange: {{i}} Freshly isolated human hepatocytes are considered the gold standard for in vitro studies of liver functions, including drug transport, metabolism, and toxicity. For accurate predictions of in vivo outcome, the isolated hepatocytes should reflect the phenotype of their in vivo counterpart, i.e., hepatocytes in human liver tissue. Here, we quantified and compared the membrane proteomes of freshly isolated hepatocytes and human liver tissue using a label-free shotgun proteomics approach ...{{/i}}


INSTRUMENT(S): Instrument

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Wisniewski J, et al.  

PROVIDER: GPM32320016470 | GPMDB |


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