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Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Brucella abortus under Multiple Environmental Stresses

ABSTRACT: We have used a multiple-environmental-stress strategy to reveal global metabolic adaptations of B. abortus to intravacuolar environmental conditions. These conditions included: (i) a Control condition (growth on TSB, condition #1); (ii) seven single-stress conditions: (condition #2-8) and (iii) a multi-stress condition (#9). The multi-stress was a combination of each single-stress that may better simulated the environments that Brucella may occur during the infection of a host. The proteomic analysis identified and quantified in total 2,272 proteins and 74% of the theoretical proteome, which is providing a wide coverage of B. abortus genome. The identification of proteins necessary for stress resistance is crucial to elucidate the infectious process in order to control brucellosis and may provide valuable clues towards discovery of novel therapeutic targets and effective vaccines.

ORGANISM(S): Brucella abortus  

SUBMITTER: Xiaodong Zai 

PROVIDER: PXD007548 | JPOST Repository | Thu Aug 24 00:00:00 BST 2017


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