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Leaf protein extraction method

ABSTRACT: We evaluated several approaches for sample processing that are based on popular urea extraction, methanol/chloroform, and phenol methods. Additionally, we examined whether these methods were improved using FASP-based on filter digestion. We found that phenol-FASP and UA-FASP methods enabled the best coverage of protein, peptides, and MS/MS

INSTRUMENT(S): Q Exactive Plus

SUBMITTER: Justin Walley  

PROVIDER: MSV000082080 | MassIVE | Tue Feb 20 13:39:00 GMT 2018


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Assessment and Refinement of Sample Preparation Methods for Deep and Quantitative Plant Proteome Profiling.

Song Gaoyuan G   Hsu Polly Yingshan PY   Walley Justin W JW  

Proteomics 20180827 17

A major challenge in the field of proteomics is obtaining high-quality peptides for comprehensive proteome profiling by LC-MS. Here, evaluation and modification of a range of sample preparation methods using photosynthetically active Arabidopsis leaf tissue are done. It was found that inclusion of filter-aided sample preparation (FASP) based on filter digestion improves all protein extraction methods tested. Ultimately, a detergent-free urea-FASP approach that enables deep and robust quantificat  ...[more]

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