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Epigenetic Control of Drought Acclimation in Sorghum (EPICON): Leaf and Root Proteomics

ABSTRACT: Two cultivars of Sorghum biocolor were examined from a study performed at the Kearney Research Station in California; 1) a pre-flowering drought tolerant, post-flowering drought susceptible cultivar RTx430 and 2) a pre-flowering drought susceptible, post-flowering drought-tolerant cultivar BTx642. Samples are from leaves and roots collected at 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17 weeks post soil emergence and under a perturbation of either well-watered (control), pre-flowering drought, or post-flowering drought. A liquid-based bottom up proteomics analysis was performed using an iTRAQ labeling multiplexing approach to determine relative abundances. After the peptides were digested with trypsin and iTRAQ labeled, they were fractionated into 12 fractions offline using a C-18 column under high-pH solvent conditions Each fraction was further separated on a low pH C-18 column with direct infusion into a ThermoScientific Q-Exactive mass spectrometer. See the supplementary files for iTRAQ reporter ions details.


ORGANISM(S): Sorghum bicolor  

SUBMITTER: Peggy Lemaux  Christer Jansson     

PROVIDER: MSV000082487 | Massive | Thu Jun 21 15:20:00 BST 2018


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