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NSCLC metastasis: K-ras/p53 mutant and syngeneic mouse models

ABSTRACT: NSCLC metastasis: K-ras/p53 mutant and syngeneic mouse models



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Contextual extracellular cues promote tumor cell EMT and metastasis by regulating miR-200 family expression.

Gibbons Don L DL   Lin Wei W   Creighton Chad J CJ   Rizvi Zain H ZH   Gregory Philip A PA   Goodall Gregory J GJ   Thilaganathan Nishan N   Du Liqin L   Zhang Yiqun Y   Pertsemlidis Alexander A   Kurie Jonathan M JM  

Genes & development 20090901 18

Metastatic disease is a primary cause of cancer-related death, and factors governing tumor cell metastasis have not been fully elucidated. Here, we address this question by using tumor cell lines derived from mice that develop metastatic lung adenocarcinoma owing to expression of mutant K-ras and p53. Despite having widespread somatic genetic alterations, the metastasis-prone tumor cells retained a marked plasticity. They transited reversibly between epithelial and mesenchymal states, forming hi  ...[more]

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