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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Inducible expression of PrPC in mouse skeletal muscles results in myopathy characterized by changes in gene expression

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Activation of p53-regulated pro-apoptotic signaling pathways in PrP-mediated myopathy.

Liang Jingjing J   Parchaliuk Debra D   Medina Sarah S   Sorensen Garrett G   Landry Laura L   Huang Shenghai S   Wang Meiling M   Kong Qingzhong Q   Booth Stephanie A SA  

BMC Genomics 20090428

We have reported that doxycycline-induced over-expression of wild type prion protein (PrP) in skeletal muscles of Tg(HQK) mice is sufficient to cause a primary myopathy with no signs of peripheral neuropathy. The preferential accumulation of the truncated PrP C1 fragment was closely correlated with these myopathic changes. In this study we use gene expression profiling to explore the temporal program of molecular changes underlying the PrP-mediated myopathy.We used DNA microarrays, and confirmat  ...[more]

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