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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Clinical response of metastatic gastric cancer patients to cisplatin and fluorouracil (CF) combination chemotherapy

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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A gene expression signature of acquired chemoresistance to cisplatin and fluorouracil combination chemotherapy in gastric cancer patients.

Kim Hark Kyun HK   Choi Il Ju IJ   Kim Chan Gyoo CG   Kim Hee Sung HS   Oshima Akira A   Michalowski Aleksandra A   Green Jeffrey E JE  

PloS one 20110218 2

We initiated a prospective trial to identify transcriptional alterations associated with acquired chemotherapy resistance from pre- and post-biopsy samples from the same patient and uncover potential molecular pathways involved in treatment failure to help guide therapeutic alternatives.A prospective, high-throughput transcriptional profiling study was performed using endoscopic biopsy samples from 123 metastatic gastric cancer patients prior to cisplatin and fluorouracil (CF) combination chemot  ...[more]

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