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Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1

ABSTRACT: Microarray analysis of Chlorella Virus PBCV-1 Transcription during the viral lifecycle



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Microarray analysis of Paramecium bursaria chlorella virus 1 transcription.

Yanai-Balser Giane M GM   Duncan Garry A GA   Eudy James D JD   Wang Dong D   Li Xiao X   Agarkova Irina V IV   Dunigan David D DD   Van Etten James L JL  

Journal of virology 20100101 1

Paramecium bursaria chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1), a member of the family Phycodnaviridae, is a large double-stranded DNA, plaque-forming virus that infects the unicellular green alga Chlorella sp. strain NC64A. The 330-kb PBCV-1 genome is predicted to encode 365 proteins and 11 tRNAs. To monitor global transcription during PBCV-1 replication, a microarray containing 50-mer probes to the PBCV-1 365 protein-encoding genes (CDSs) was constructed. Competitive hybridization experiments were conducted b  ...[more]

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