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Danio rerio

ABSTRACT: Experiment 2: Pou5f1 and Sox2 overexpression experiments with or without protein synthesis inhibition

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  



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Pou5f1 contributes to dorsoventral patterning by positive regulation of vox and modulation of fgf8a expression.

Belting Heinz-Georg HG   Wendik Björn B   Lunde Karen K   Leichsenring Manuel M   Mössner Rebecca R   Driever Wolfgang W   Onichtchouk Daria D  

Developmental biology 20110520 2

Pou5f1/Oct-4 in mice is required for maintenance of embryonic pluripotent cell populations. Zebrafish pou5f1 maternal-zygotic mutant embryos (spiel ohne grenzen; MZspg) lack endoderm and have gastrulation and dorsoventral patterning defects. A contribution of Pou5f1 to the control of bmp2b, bmp4 and vox expression has been suggested, however the mechanisms remained unclear and are investigated in detail here. Low-level overexpression of a Pou5f1-VP16 activator fusion protein can rescue dorsaliza  ...[more]

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