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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Expression data from Pou4f3-Rb1 cKO and control inner ear

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Overlapping and distinct pRb pathways in the mammalian auditory and vestibular organs.

Huang Mingqian M   Sage Cyrille C   Tang Yong Y   Lee Sang Goo SG   Petrillo Marco M   Hinds Philip W PW   Chen Zheng-Yi ZY  

Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) 20110115 2

Retinoblastoma gene (Rb1) is required for proper cell cycle exit in the developing mouse inner ear and its deletion in the embryo leads to proliferation of sensory progenitor cells that differentiate into hair cells and supporting cells. In a conditional hair cell Rb1 knockout mouse, Pou4f3-Cre-pRb(-/-), pRb(-/-) utricular hair cells differentiate and survive into adulthood whereas differentiation and survival of pRb(-/-) cochlear hair cells are impaired. To comprehensively survey the pRb pathwa  ...[more]

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