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ABSTRACT: Brassinosteroid (BR) plant hormone signaling



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Integration of brassinosteroid signal transduction with the transcription network for plant growth regulation in Arabidopsis.

Sun Yu Y   Fan Xi-Ying XY   Cao Dong-Mei DM   Tang Wenqiang W   He Kun K   Zhu Jia-Ying JY   He Jun-Xian JX   Bai Ming-Yi MY   Zhu Shengwei S   Oh Eunkyoo E   Patil Sunita S   Kim Tae-Wuk TW   Ji Hongkai H   Wong Wing Hong WH   Rhee Seung Y SY   Wang Zhi-Yong ZY  

Developmental cell 20101101 5

Brassinosteroids (BRs) regulate a wide range of developmental and physiological processes in plants through a receptor-kinase signaling pathway that controls the BZR transcription factors. Here, we use transcript profiling and chromatin-immunoprecipitation microarray (ChIP-chip) experiments to identify 953 BR-regulated BZR1 target (BRBT) genes. Functional studies of selected BRBTs further demonstrate roles in BR promotion of cell elongation. The BRBT genes reveal numerous molecular links between  ...[more]

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