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Schizophyllum commune

ABSTRACT: Study of mating type genes and their roles in mating interactions of the basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune

ORGANISM(S): Schizophyllum commune  



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Smelling the difference: Transcriptome, proteome and volatilome changes after mating.

Freihorst Daniela D   Brunsch Melanie M   Wirth Sophia S   Krause Katrin K   Kniemeyer Olaf O   Linde Jörg J   Kunert Maritta M   Boland Wilhelm W   Kothe Erika E  

Fungal genetics and biology : FG & B 20160901

Mushrooms, such as Schizophyllum commune, have a specific odor. Whether this is linked to mating, prerequisite for mushroom formation, or also found in monokaryotic, unmated strains, was investigated with a comprehensive study on the transcriptome and proteome of this model organism. Mating interactions were investigated using a complete, cytosolic proteome map for unmated, monokaryotic, as well as for mated, dikaryotic mycelia. The regulations of the proteome were compared to transcriptional ch  ...[more]

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