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Arsenophonus endosymbiont str. Hangzhou of Nilaparvata lugens

ABSTRACT: Arsenophonus endosymbiont str. Hangzhou of Nilaparvata lugens Genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Arsenophonus endosymbiont str. Hangzhou of Nilaparvata lugens  



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Genomes of the rice pest brown planthopper and its endosymbionts reveal complex complementary contributions for host adaptation.

Xue Jian J   Zhou Xin X   Zhang Chuan-Xi CX   Yu Li-Li LL   Fan Hai-Wei HW   Wang Zhuo Z   Xu Hai-Jun HJ   Xi Yu Y   Zhu Zeng-Rong ZR   Zhou Wen-Wu WW   Pan Peng-Lu PL   Li Bao-Ling BL   Colbourne John K JK   Noda Hiroaki H   Suetsugu Yoshitaka Y   Kobayashi Tetsuya T   Zheng Yuan Y   Liu Shanlin S   Zhang Rui R   Liu Yang Y   Luo Ya-Dan YD   Fang Dong-Ming DM   Chen Yan Y   Zhan Dong-Liang DL   Lv Xiao-Dan XD   Cai Yue Y   Wang Zhao-Bao ZB   Huang Hai-Jian HJ   Cheng Ruo-Lin RL   Zhang Xue-Chao XC   Lou Yi-Han YH   Yu Bing B   Zhuo Ji-Chong JC   Ye Yu-Xuan YX   Zhang Wen-Qing WQ   Shen Zhi-Cheng ZC   Yang Huan-Ming HM   Wang Jian J   Wang Jun J   Bao Yan-Yuan YY   Cheng Jia-An JA  

Genome biology 20141203 12

BACKGROUND: The brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, the most destructive pest of rice, is a typical monophagous herbivore that feeds exclusively on rice sap, which migrates over long distances. Outbreaks of it have re-occurred approximately every three years in Asia. It has also been used as a model system for ecological studies and for developing effective pest management. To better understand how a monophagous sap-sucking arthropod herbivore has adapted to its exclusive host selection and t  ...[more]

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