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Avena sativa/Zea mays addition line

ABSTRACT: ChIP-seq in oat-maize additional lines using CenH3 antibody

ORGANISM(S): Avena sativa/Zea mays addition line  



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Maize centromeres expand and adopt a uniform size in the genetic background of oat.

Wang Kai K   Wu Yufeng Y   Zhang Wenli W   Dawe R Kelly RK   Jiang Jiming J  

Genome research 20131007 1

Most existing centromeres may have originated as neocentromeres that activated de novo from noncentromeric regions. However, the evolutionary path from a neocentromere to a mature centromere has been elusive. Here we analyzed the centromeres of nine chromosomes that were transferred from maize into oat as the result of an inter-species cross. Centromere size and location were assayed by chromatin immunoprecipitation for the histone variant CENH3, which is a defining feature of functional centrom  ...[more]

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