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Ovis aries

ABSTRACT: Effect of 10 or 25 days cortisol treatment on late gestation fetal septum

ORGANISM(S): Ovis aries  



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Mechanisms for the adverse effects of late gestational increases in maternal cortisol on the heart revealed by transcriptomic analyses of the fetal septum.

Richards Elaine M EM   Wood Charles E CE   Rabaglino Maria Belen MB   Antolic Andrew A   Keller-Wood Maureen M  

Physiological genomics 20140527 15

We have previously shown in sheep that 10 days of modest chronic increase in maternal cortisol resulting from maternal infusion of cortisol (1 mg/kg/day) caused fetal heart enlargement and Purkinje cell apoptosis. In subsequent studies we extended the cortisol infusion to term, finding a dramatic incidence of stillbirth in the pregnancies with chronically increased cortisol. To investigate effects of maternal cortisol on the heart, we performed transcriptomic analyses on the septa using ovine mi  ...[more]

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