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Glycine max

ABSTRACT: Transcriptomics of weed stress in soybean

ORGANISM(S): Glycine max  



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RNAseq reveals weed-induced PIF3-like as a candidate target to manipulate weed stress response in soybean.

Horvath David P DP   Hansen Stephanie A SA   Moriles-Miller Janet P JP   Pierik Ronald R   Yan Changhui C   Clay David E DE   Scheffler Brian B   Clay Sharon A SA  

The New phytologist 20150225 1

Weeds reduce yield in soybeans (Glycine max) through incompletely defined mechanisms. The effects of weeds on the soybean transcriptome were evaluated in field conditions during four separate growing seasons. RNASeq data were collected from six biological samples of soybeans growing with or without weeds. Weed species and the methods to maintain weed-free controls varied between years to mitigate treatment effects, and to allow detection of general soybean weed responses. Soybean plants were not  ...[more]

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