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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Microarray analysis of Adipose tissue of Short-term HFD-fed mice



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Lipid-overloaded enlarged adipocytes provoke insulin resistance independent of inflammation.

Kim Jong In JI   Huh Jin Young JY   Sohn Jee Hyung JH   Choe Sung Sik SS   Lee Yun Sok YS   Lim Chun Yan CY   Jo Ala A   Park Seung Bum SB   Han Weiping W   Kim Jae Bum JB  

Molecular and cellular biology 20150302 10

In obesity, adipocyte hypertrophy and proinflammatory responses are closely associated with the development of insulin resistance in adipose tissue. However, it is largely unknown whether adipocyte hypertrophy per se might be sufficient to provoke insulin resistance in obese adipose tissue. Here, we demonstrate that lipid-overloaded hypertrophic adipocytes are insulin resistant independent of adipocyte inflammation. Treatment with saturated or monounsaturated fatty acids resulted in adipocyte hy  ...[more]

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