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Vibrio cholerae O395

ABSTRACT: Vibrio cholerae O395 toxSL33S vs toxSL33S delta rpoE

ORGANISM(S): Vibrio cholerae O395  



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Role of ToxS in the proteolytic cascade of virulence regulator ToxR in Vibrio cholerae.

Almagro-Moreno Salvador S   Root Michael Z MZ   Taylor Ronald K RK  

Molecular microbiology 20150925 5

Two of the primary virulence regulators of Vibrio cholerae, ToxR and TcpP, function together with cognate effector proteins. ToxR undergoes regulated intramembrane proteolysis (RIP) during late stationary phase in response to nutrient limitation at alkaline pH; however, the specific function of its cognate ToxS remains unresolved. In this work, we found that ToxR rapidly becomes undetectable in a ΔtoxS mutant when cultures are exposed to either starvation conditions or after alkaline pH shock in  ...[more]

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