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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Arnica montana stimulates extracellular matrix gene expression in human macrophages differentiated to wound-healing phenotype. Tested on 5 concentrations.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Arnica montana Stimulates Extracellular Matrix Gene Expression in a Macrophage Cell Line Differentiated to Wound-Healing Phenotype.

Marzotto Marta M   Bonafini Clara C   Olioso Debora D   Baruzzi Anna A   Bettinetti Laura L   Di Leva Francesca F   Galbiati Elisabetta E   Bellavite Paolo P  

PloS one 20161110 11

Arnica montana (Arnica m.) is used for its purported anti-inflammatory and tissue healing actions after trauma, bruises, or tissue injuries, but its cellular and molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. This work tested Arnica m. effects on gene expression using an in vitro model of macrophages polarized towards a "wound-healing" phenotype. The monocyte-macrophage human THP-1 cell line was cultured and differentiated with phorbol-myristate acetate and Interleukin-4, then exposed for 24h to Arni  ...[more]

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