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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: The transcription factor Tcf1 ensures the development and cytotoxic function of NK cells by limiting the expression of Granzymes [Affymetrix]



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The Transcription Factor Tcf1 Contributes to Normal NK Cell Development and Function by Limiting the Expression of Granzymes.

Jeevan-Raj Beena B   Gehrig Jasmine J   Charmoy Mélanie M   Chennupati Vijaykumar V   Grandclément Camille C   Angelino Paolo P   Delorenzi Mauro M   Held Werner W  

Cell reports 20170701 3

The transcription factor Tcf1 is essential for the development of natural killer (NK) cells. However, its precise role has not been clarified. Our combined analysis of Tcf1-deficient and transgenic mice indicated that Tcf1 guides NK cells through three stages of development. Tcf1 expression directed bone marrow progenitors toward the NK cell lineage and ensured the survival of NK-committed cells, and its downregulation was needed for terminal maturation. Impaired survival of NK-committed cells w  ...[more]

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