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Sus scrofa

ABSTRACT: Pig peri-implantation embryo development transcriptional profiling

ORGANISM(S): Sus scrofa  



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Transcriptional profiling using a novel cDNA array identifies differential gene expression during porcine embryo elongation.

Lee So Hyun SH   Zhao Shu-Hong SH   Recknor Justin C JC   Nettleton Dan D   Orley Sarah S   Kang Sung-Keun SK   Lee Byeong-Chun BC   Hwang Woo-Suk WS   Tuggle Christopher K CK  

Molecular reproduction and development 20050601 2

A novel porcine cDNA array, containing 1,015 PCR products selected for embryonic expression, was used for transcriptional profiling of conceptuses at four stages of peri-implantation development. Total conceptus RNA from small spherical, large spherical, tubular, and filamentous stages was amplified, converted to cDNA, and hybridized to membranes. Initially, normalized signal intensities obtained using cDNA from total RNA or from amplified RNA were compared. Uniform distribution of P-values asso  ...[more]

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