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Proteomic analysis of the effect of aluminum oxide nanoparticles on soybean root under flooding stress

ABSTRACT: Flooding stress has a negative impact on the soybean cultivation in early growth stages. In order to understand the effect of aluminum oxide nanoparticles on the soybean growth under flooding stress, quantitative proteomics technique was used.


ORGANISM(S): Glycine max  


DISEASE(S): Wounds And Injuries

SUBMITTER: Ghazala Mustafa  

LAB HEAD: Setsuko Komatsu

PROVIDER: PXD002005 | Pride | 2015-08-31


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Proteomic analysis of flooded soybean root exposed to aluminum oxide nanoparticles.

Mustafa Ghazala G   Sakata Katsumi K   Komatsu Setsuko S  

Journal of proteomics 20150822

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) nanoparticles are used in agricultural products and cause various adverse growth effects on different plant species. To study the effects of Al2O3 nanoparticles on soybean under flooding stress, a gel-free proteomic technique was used. Morphological analysis revealed that treatment with 50 ppm Al2O3 nanoparticles under flooding stress enhanced soybean growth compared to ZnO and Ag nanoparticles. A total of 172 common proteins that significantly changed in abundance among c  ...[more]

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