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Integrated cellular and plasma proteomics reveals common and systemic signatures in contrasting B-cell cancers

ABSTRACT: Approximately 800,000 leukaemia and lymphoma cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. Burkitt’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia represent contrasting examples of B-cell cancers, modelled by Eμ-myc and Eμ-TCL1 mice, respectively. To better understand B-cell cancers and systemic effects of oncogenesis, tumours and plasma from these models were profiled by mass spectrometry proteomics. 8270 cellular and 2095 plasma proteins were fully quantitated by isobaric labelling, of which 695 and 279 demonstrated overabundance coinciding in both tumour models, respectively. Co-occurring upregulated cellular tumour processes included ribosome biogenesis, translation, cell cycle promotion and chromosome segregation. Tumour plasma overabundance highlighted immunity, inflammation, microenvironment interactions, a prolific tumour lysis signature and putative biomarkers of early-stage cancer. Integrative evaluation of tumours and plasma provided systemic insight not captured in isolation. Overall, these findings provide a detailed characterisation of systemic oncogenesis in two contrasting B-cell tumour models, identifying extensive common profiles in both tumour cells and plasma.

INSTRUMENT(S): LTQ Orbitrap Elite

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

TISSUE(S): Spleen, Primary Cell, Blood Plasma, B-lymphocyte, B-cell Lymphoma Cell, B-cell Leukemia Cell

DISEASE(S): Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia,Leukemia,Burkitt Lymphoma,Lymphoma

SUBMITTER: Harvey Johnston  

LAB HEAD: Spiro Dennis Garbis

PROVIDER: PXD004608 | Pride | 2017-01-10


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Integrated Cellular and Plasma Proteomics of Contrasting B-cell Cancers Reveals Common, Unique and Systemic Signatures.

Johnston Harvey E HE   Carter Matthew J MJ   Cox Kerry L KL   Dunscombe Melanie M   Manousopoulou Antigoni A   Townsend Paul A PA   Garbis Spiros D SD   Cragg Mark S MS  

Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 20170104 3

Approximately 800,000 leukemia and lymphoma cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) are examples of contrasting B-cell cancers; BL is a highly aggressive lymphoid tumor, frequently affecting children, whereas CLL typically presents as an indolent, slow-progressing leukemia affecting the elderly. The B-cell-specific overexpression of the myc and TCL1 oncogenes in mice induce spontaneous malignancies modeling BL and CLL, respectively.  ...[more]

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