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Negative regulation of Type I IFN signaling by phosphorylation of STAT2 on T387

ABSTRACT: The samples were derived from STAT2 IP experiments from human fibrosarcoma cells. This experiment involved the transfection of cells with a flag tagged STAT2 and the goal of these experiments is to identify STAT2 binding partners.

INSTRUMENT(S): LTQ Orbitrap Elite

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

TISSUE(S): Cell Culture

DISEASE(S): Not Available


LAB HEAD: Belinda Willard

PROVIDER: PXD005008 | Pride | 2018-10-26


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Negative regulation of type I IFN signaling by phosphorylation of STAT2 on T387.

Wang Yuxin Y   Nan Jing J   Willard Belinda B   Wang Xin X   Yang Jinbo J   Stark George R GR  

The EMBO journal 20161116 2

The transcription factor ISGF3, comprised of IRF9 and tyrosine-phosphorylated STATs 1 and 2, transmits the signal from the type I interferon receptor to the genome. We have discovered a novel phosphorylation of STAT2 on T387 that negatively regulates this response. In most untreated cell types, the majority of STAT2 is phosphorylated on T387 constitutively. In response to interferon-β, the T387A mutant of STAT2 is much more effective than wild-type STAT2 in mediating the expression of many inter  ...[more]

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