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TORC1 shapes the SUMO proteome to control RNA Polymerase III activity

ABSTRACT: Loss of nutrient supply elicits alterations of the SUMO proteome and sumoylation is crucial to various cellular processes including transcription. However, the physiological significance of sumoylation of transcriptional regulators is unclear. To begin clarifying this, we mapped the SUMO proteome under nitrogen-limiting conditions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Interestingly, several RNA polymerase III (RNAPIII) components are major SUMO targets under normal growth conditions, including Rpc53, Rpc82, and Ret1, and nutrient starvation results in rapid desumoylation of these proteins. These findings are supported by ChIP-seq experiments that show that SUMO is highly enriched at tDNA genes. Furthermore, RNA-seq experiments revealed that preventing sumoylation results in significantly decreased tRNA transcription. TORC1 inhibition resulted in the same effect, and our data indicate that the SUMO and TORC1 pathways are both required for robust tDNA expression. Importantly, tRNA transcription was strongly reduced in cells expressing a non-sumoylatable Rpc82-4KR mutant, which correlated with a misassembled RNAPIII transcriptional complex. Our data suggest that in addition to TORC1 activity, sumoylation of RNAPIII is key to reaching full translational capacity under optimal growth conditions.


ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces cerevisiae  

TISSUE(S): Tissue Not Applicable To Dataset

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Joseph Robertson  

LAB HEAD: Jorrit Enserink

PROVIDER: PXD005142 | Pride | 2017-01-21


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TORC1-dependent sumoylation of Rpc82 promotes RNA polymerase III assembly and activity.

Chymkowitch Pierre P   Nguéa P Aurélie A   Aanes Håvard H   Robertson Joseph J   Klungland Arne A   Enserink Jorrit M JM  

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20170117 5

Maintaining cellular homeostasis under changing nutrient conditions is essential for the growth and development of all organisms. The mechanisms that maintain homeostasis upon loss of nutrient supply are not well understood. By mapping the SUMO proteome in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we discovered a specific set of differentially sumoylated proteins mainly involved in transcription. RNA polymerase III (RNAPIII) components, including Rpc53, Rpc82, and Ret1, are particularly prominent nutrient-depen  ...[more]

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