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Integrative proteomics reveals a protective role of PRC2 for the ground state pluripotent epigenome

ABSTRACT: The ground state of pluripotency is defined as a basal proliferative state free of epigenetic restriction, represented by mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) cultured with two kinase inhibitors (so-called “2i”). Through comparison with serum-grown ESCs, we identify epigenetic features characterizing 2i ESCs by proteome profiling of chromatin including post-translational histone modifications. The most prominent difference is H3K27me3 and its enzymatic writer complex PRC2 that are highly abundant on eu- and heterochromatin in 2i ESCs, with H3K27me3 redistributing outside canonical PRC2 targets in a CpG-dependent fashion. Using PRC2-deficient 2i ESCs, we identify epigenetic crosstalk with H3K27me3, including significant increases in H4 acetylation and DNA methylation. This suggests that the unique H3K27me3 configuration protects 2i ESCs from preparation to lineage priming. Interestingly, removal of DNA methylation in PRC2-deficient 2i ESCs lacking H3K27me3 using 5-azacytidine hardly affected ESC viability and transcriptome, showing that ESCs are independent of both major repressive epigenetic marks.

INSTRUMENT(S): Synapt MS, Orbitrap Fusion, Q Exactive

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

TISSUE(S): Tissue Not Applicable To Dataset

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Guido van Mierlo  

LAB HEAD: Hendrik Marks

PROVIDER: PXD007154 | Pride | 2018-11-21


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