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Seminal fluid and sperm proteomics of Aedes aegypti

ABSTRACT: Sperm samples were extracted from adult A. aegypti male seminal vesicles. Semen samples were extracted from bursa of recently mated bursa of N15 labeled females. The goal was to differentiate between the contribution of seminal fluid proteins and sperm proteins in the semen transfered to the female. Our results yield insights into the molecular function, genome organization, regulation, and evolution of sperm proteins and SFPs in this important disease vector.

INSTRUMENT(S): Orbitrap Fusion

ORGANISM(S): Aedes aegypti  

TISSUE(S): Spermatozoon, Semen

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Kirill Borziak  

LAB HEAD: Laura C. Harrington

PROVIDER: PXD010293 | Pride | 2018-12-17


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Proteins, Transcripts, and Genetic Architecture of Seminal Fluid and Sperm in the Mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Degner Ethan C EC   Ahmed-Braimah Yasir H YH   Borziak Kirill K   Wolfner Mariana F MF   Harrington Laura C LC   Dorus Steve S  

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics : MCP 20181214 Suppl 1

The yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti,, transmits several viruses causative of serious diseases, including dengue, Zika, and chikungunya. Some proposed efforts to control this vector involve manipulating reproduction to suppress wild populations or to replace them with disease-resistant mosquitoes. The design of such strategies requires an intimate knowledge of reproductive processes, yet our basic understanding of reproductive genetics in this vector remains largely incomplete. To accelerate  ...[more]

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