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Wheat, pollen, MALDI-TOF/TOF-MSMS

ABSTRACT: In order to better understand chemical hybridizing agent (CHA) SQ-1-induced pollen abortion in wheat better, comparative proteomic analyses were conducted. A total of 61 proteins showed statistically significant differences in abundance, among which, 18 proteins were highly abundant and 43 proteins were less abundant in CHA-SQ-1 treated plants. Here, 60 proteins were successfully identified using MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry. These proteins were found to be involved in pollen maturation. Interactions between these proteins were predicted using bioinformatics analysis. Gene ontology and pathway analyses revealed that the majority of the identified proteins were involved in diverse biological processes. These results provide information for the molecular events (carbohydrate metabolism and energy metabolism) underlying CHA-SQ-1-induced pollen abortion and may serve as an additional guide for practical hybrid breeding.


ORGANISM(S): Triticum aestivum  

TISSUE(S): Pollen

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Shuping Wang  

LAB HEAD: Shuping Wang

PROVIDER: PXD012519 | Pride | 2019-04-09


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Cytological and Proteomic Analysis of Wheat Pollen Abortion Induced by Chemical Hybridization Agent.

Wang Shuping S   Zhang Yingxin Y   Fang Zhengwu Z   Zhang Yamin Y   Song Qilu Q   Hou Zehao Z   Sun Kunkun K   Song Yulong Y   Li Ying Y   Ma Dongfang D   Liu Yike Y   Zhu Zhanwang Z   Niu Na N   Wang Junwei J   Ma Shoucai S   Zhang Gaisheng G  

International journal of molecular sciences 20190401 7

In plants, pollen grain transfers the haploid male genetic material from anther to stigma, both between flowers (cross-pollination) and within the same flower (self-pollination). In order to better understand chemical hybridizing agent (CHA) SQ-1-induced pollen abortion in wheat, comparative cytological and proteomic analyses were conducted. Results indicated that pollen grains underwent serious structural injury, including cell division abnormality, nutritional deficiencies, pollen wall defect  ...[more]

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