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PRM-based quantitative proteomic analysis of mouse tissues, testicular cells and cell lines

ABSTRACT: PRM analysis of RPL39L, RPL10L and RPL3L in 9 mouse tissues, including testis, fat, brain, liver, kidney, lung, skeletal muscle, heart and spleen; PRM analysis of RPL39 and RPL39L, RPL10 and RPL10L, and RPL22 and RPL22L1 in testicular cells; PRM analysis of RPL39L and RPL39 in RibosomeRPL39L-/- and wild type mouse spermatocytes and spermatids; PRM analysis of 17 down-regulated proteins and 1 unchanged protein (DYNC1LI2) in RibosomeRPL39L-/- testes; PRM analysis of RPL39 and RPL39L in GC-1 ribosomes, and RibosomeRPL39L-/- and wild type N2a ribosomes, Consistency between the observed and expected signal ratios of the light and heavy peptides by PRM in serial dilution experiments. Bovine serum albumin (BSA) as a negative control.

INSTRUMENT(S): Orbitrap Fusion Lumos

ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus (mouse)

TISSUE(S): Spleen, Testis, Heart, Brain, Lung, Liver, Kidney

SUBMITTER: Yao liping  

LAB HEAD: Xuejiang Guo

PROVIDER: PXD020922 | Pride | 2022-09-30


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