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Transcription profiling of human normal mucosa, cecum, ascending, transverse, sigmoid and rectum

ABSTRACT: Normal human colorectal mucosa was sampled at points along the colon. Experiment Overall Design: Normal human colorectal mucosa, cecum, ascending, transverse, sigmoid and rectum

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens

SUBMITTER: Lawrence LaPointe 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-9254 | biostudies-arrayexpress |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies-arrayexpress

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Map of differential transcript expression in the normal human large intestine.

LaPointe Lawrence C LC   Dunne Robert R   Brown Glenn S GS   Worthley Daniel L DL   Molloy Peter L PL   Wattchow David D   Young Graeme P GP  

Physiological genomics 20071204 1

While there is considerable research related to using differential gene expression to predict disease phenotype classification, e.g., neoplastic tissue from nonneoplastic controls, there is little understanding of the range of expression in normal tissues. Understanding patterns of gene expression in nonneoplastic tissue, including regional anatomic expression changes within an organ, is vital to understanding gene expression changes in diseased tissue. To explore the gene expression change alon  ...[more]

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