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Carnitine effect-Effect of carnitine on the transcriptome of A. thaliana

ABSTRACT: rs07-01_carnitine - carnitine effect - Effect of carnitine on the transcriptome of A. thaliana - Our objective is the description of the existence of an intracellular transport depend on the carnitine at Arabidopsis thaliana. For that, we planned the study of the response of the transcriptome in the presence of exogenic L-carnitine. Seedlings WT are cultivated on medium MS, 6 independent times. At 144h, the seedlings are collected and pools are formed with 3 samples. We proceed in the same way for the seedlings which are cultivated on medium MS containing L-carnitine 5mM. Keywords: treated vs untreated comparison Overall design: 2 dye-swap - CATMA arrays

INSTRUMENT(S): URGV Arabidopsis thaliana 25K CATMA_v2.2


PROVIDER: GSE10676 | GEO | 2008-03-05



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The effect of carnitine on Arabidopsis development and recovery in salt stress conditions.

Charrier Aurélie A   Rippa Sonia S   Yu Agnès A   Nguyen Phuong-Jean PJ   Renou Jean-Pierre JP   Perrin Yolande Y  

Planta 20110819 1

Carnitine exists in all living organisms where it plays diverse roles. In animals and yeast, it is implicated in lipid metabolism and is also associated with oxidative stress tolerance. In bacteria, it is a major player in osmotic stress tolerance. We investigate the carnitine function in plants and our present work shows that carnitine enhances the development and recovery of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings subjected to salt stress. Biological data show that exogenous carnitine supplies improve  ...[more]

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